Who is a Good SMP Candidate?

SMP is ideal for anyone wanting to cover bald spots no matter how large an area, or camouflage thinning hair. This service is utilized by men and women both. Usually, scalp micropigmentation consists of 2-3 sessions and on occasion 4-5 sessions are necessary. We put together a treatment plan specific for you and after you have healed from your second session I am able to determine whether more sessions are needed.

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Scalp Micropigmentation for men and women!

SMP offers 100% guaranteed results and lasts forever with color enhancements necessary every 5-6 years, as with any tattoo procedure in order to freshen up the treatment color if it has faded over time due to sun exposure and lifestyle or skin type. SMP changes lives and I cant recommend it enough. If you are experience a lack of self esteem due to premature balding, or otherwise this is the best most satisfying option on the market today! With hair transplants costing upwards of $20,000 and a 70% failure rate, and other hair treatment products aren’t helping or cause you to lose any hair you have grown if you ever stop taking the product then I highly recommend you go for it! The cost is the same no matter whether you need 2 sessions or 5, and at just $2,499 you can have your life back and not look back! Consultations are always free to discuss any questions you have. Please give me a call at (559) 727-2445, or book your consultation on this site on the Book a Service page.