My Microblading Business, Phibrows Training and Background

My Microblading Business, Phibrows Training and Background

I started out as an independent contractor, and launched my business, Beautiful Brows by Brooke, after becoming a certified Phibrows artist. Currently, I am renting a microblading room out of New Look Salon in Clovis, CA.

I obtained certification, as a Phibrows Microblading Artist, on October 27, 2018, after attending a rigorous, 6-month course at Microblading Academy USA. I took my apprenticeship with the owner, and 2018’s “Master of the Year”, Master Kler Rosenberg.

I’ve been interested in tattooing, and that form of artistry for many years. I decided to get my own brows microbladed a few years ago, and I was fascinated by the whole concept. I was also at a point in my life when I was looking for a different career path. A light bulb turned on in my mind, and, in less than one year, I changed my entire career. I became certified in microblading and I absolutely love it!

“If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!”

I researched microblading prior to attending a Phibrows Academy. I decided to learn this beautiful, high-demand skill by the leaders in the industry. It was very important to me to succeed.

In order to achieve my goals, due to my experience as a connoisseur and tattoo enthusiast, I knew I needed to spend my money wisely. Unfortunately, many places offer fast-paced, 2-day training, and it’s impossible for a new student to retain all the information provided and/or necessary in 16 hours. Then these students are given a certificate of completion, and begin offering microblading services to the public. However, these students usually don’t last in the industry, because they cannot remember how to microblade – unless they pay for school, again, which costs about $3,500 – $4,500.

I mastered 11 levels, during my apprenticeship with Master Kler Rosenberg, learning the Phibrows microblading method – the golden ratio measurements and drawing symmetrical eyebrows (mapping), design and methods, skin and color theory, and, finally, microblading on live models (13 for me, 1-30 for most). I learned, and consistently produced, the proper techniques and methods to microblade before graduating and receiving certification as a Phibrows Microblading Artist. Only six of ten students graduate and receive certification to provide microblading to the public. The Phibrows Craft Master trainers ensure that the Phibrows method of microblading is held in the highest of standard.

I provide microblading artistry. Microblading is a semi-permanent, natural looking form of eyebrow tattooing that lasts up to two years. Currently, I’m furthering my education in Micropigmentation (permanent makeup/PMU). I’ll be adding micropigmentation services such as Nano Brows and Ombre Brows, this Fall 2019, and full lips and eyeliner services in many styles like eye- and lip- liner silhouette shading, etc., next Spring 2020. I’ll be offering permanent makeup removal next year, 2020.

Microblading requires maintenance in the form of “annual color boosts” to freshen the color of your brows, or, once the pigment has completely faded and measurements are necessary, clients require the full service, again.

Color boosts for permanent makeup are recommended every few years to freshen your look.

Most permanent makeup can also be achieved semi-permanently by a qualified microblading artist. As a Phibrows artist, I will continue to progress in microblading skills, offering lips and eyeliner, as I complete the necessary training and natural progression in the industry.

Maintenance is a priority, and it’s required for both methods of administering tattooed makeup. Our clients are responsible for their “post-treatment care”, and the artist’s instructions must be followed strictly in order to achieve the final results desired.

Both types of services, semi-permanent and permanent makeup are in high demand right now, and that requires that the artist stay current in new developments in the industry, new styles and techniques, as well as tools and methods. Microblading is the newest trend in tattooing eyebrows, because it’s a breakthrough method of providing clients with very crisp, micro- hair strokes with the microblading tool vs. old styles of eyebrow tattooing that are no longer acceptable. Men and women both can achieve fuller, beautifully shaped eyebrows that are undetectable as tattoos.